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Further/Wider Reading

Further/Wider Reading
Sports related books in the library

My story by Dwain Chambers
Dwain Chambers has kept a diary for five years, now it's his turn to talk. His treatment by certain individuals, who are far from perfect themselves, and in particular by the BOA (British Olympic Association), have sickened him to the core. The lies and double standards are evident in this book as Chambers pours his heart out and exposes the real cheats in the world of athletics.

Rain men : the madness of cricket by Marcus Berkmann.
There are many cricket books, and they are all the same. Rain Men is different. Like the moment the genius of Richie Benaud first revealed itself to you, it is a cricketing epiphany, a landmark in the literature of the game. Shining the light meter of reason into cricket's incomparable madness, Marcus Berkmann illuminates all the obsessions and disappointments that the dedicated fan and pathologically hopeful clubman suffers year after year - the ritual humiliation of England's middle order, the partially-sighted umpires, the battling average that reads more like a shoe size. As satisfying as a perfectly timed cover drive, and rather easier to come by, Rain Men offers essential justification for anyone who has ever run a team-mate out on purpose or secretly blubbed at a video of Botham's Ashes.

The fix : soccer and organized crime by Declan Hill.
Driven by a lifelong love of the game and a need to find out what's really going on in the world's most popular sport, Declan Hill embarks on an investigation that brings him face to face with the mult-billion-dollar illegal Asian gambling industry. He interviews more than two hundred people, including men who claim they have bribed their way into changing the results of some of the biggest games in the sport. Initially very skeptical, Hill travels across four continents to corroborate their stories. He finds soccer leagues where mobsters have fixed more than 80 per cent of the games. But most shocking is Hill's discovery that gambling fixers have successfully infiltrated the game - all the way to the top international circles.

Foul! : the secret world of FIFA : bribes, vote rigging and ticket scandals by Andrew Jennings.
Andrew Jennings, the investigative sports reporter, spent four years delving into the dark side of 'the beautiful game'. The result is this expose of football's world governing body FIFA - a story of racketeering, bribe-taking, election-rigging, illicit trading, and dirty tricks.

The 1908 Olympics by Keith Baker.
Baker provides details of the first London Olympics when the Games were awarded to the UK after the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 1906 stopped them going to Rome. The book will appeal to all serious sports fans and also to students of British history.

The race for the 2012 Olympics : the inside story of how London won the bid by Mike Lee
London's victory in the campaign for the 2012 Olympics on 6 July, 2005 was one of the biggest surprises in the history of the modern Games. Paris was regarded as the firm favourite but the London team never gave up on the dream of bringing the world's most prestigious sporting event back to Britain.

Berlin games : how Hitler stole the Olympic dream by Guy Walters.
The 1936 Berlin Olympics brought together athletes, politicians, socialites, journalists, soldiers and artists from all over the world. But behind the scenes the Games were a dress rehearsal of the horrors of the forthcoming conflict. Hitler had secretly decided that they would showcase Nazi prowess, and the unwitting athletes became helpless pawns in his sinister political game. This book explores the machinations of a wide cast of characters, including sexually incontinent Nazis, corrupt Olympic officials, transvestite athletes and the mythic figure of Jesse Owens. By illuminating the dark, controversial recesses of the world's greatest sporting spectacle, the author throws shocking new light on the whole of Europe's troubled pre-war period.

Food, nutrition and sports performance II : The International Olympic Committee Consensus on Sports Nutrition
Subjects discussed at this conference include energy balance and body composition, the role of carbohydrate, the role of proteins and amino acids and athlete fluid and electrolyte requirements.

Sports nutrition guidebook by Nancy Clark.
Sports nutritionist Nancy Clark tells you how to fuel your active lifestyle. This updated text will help you maximize the nutritional value of your diet for high energy and lifelong health.

Aspects of PE series.


Taking part in sports
The working body
Sport in society
Health-related fitness
How sport is organized
Performance in sport

The six titles in this series build up a full picture of the thriving world of sport and physical education in Britain today, covering the physiological and social aspects and issues. Includes further reading and websites

The world of sport examined by Paul Beashel, Andy Sibson, John Taylor.
Essential textbook for all GCSE and Standard Grade students. Simple text written in manageable sections makes it accessible for all students. Clear artwork and colourful illustrations. Exam style questions test your knowledge and provide practice for your exams.

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