Tuesday, November 2, 2010

AS and A2 Coursework

Hi All,

This is just a gentle reminder for our coursework tasks. Please ensure that, no matter what stage you are currently at in either your local and national for AS or your International for A2, final drafts need to be with me no later than Thursday 11th November 2010!

In addition, you should all now be well into compiling evidence for your practical.

Remember for AS:

Evidence of 2 from 3 of the following in your sport: Performer/Leader/Offical
for this you will need to fill in the performance log sheets/ coaching session plans and acquire video evidence of you in action for both. Any additional evidence, letters from coaches, representative honours, coaching qualfications, fixtures and results etc. YOU SHOULD ALREADY HAVE SOME OF THIS COMPLETED!!

For A2:

Evidence of one role in your sport. Again you will need to fill in you log sheets and have appropriate evidence to support. As the above any additional evidence to support your grade.

I would also like all of you to complete an online qualification in Child Protection. Please click on the following link then register with the website and proceed to go through the training. This shouldn't take too long and is relatively easy to complete:


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