Monday, November 29, 2010

AS PE E-Portfolio - Important please read thoroughly!!

As discussed at the start of the course and again during todays lesson, you are required to produce an e-portfolio evidencing all of your work. You will need to organise the folders on your e-portfolio as requested by the examination board.

To help you in this process I have already organised one for you. Please go to the following address . . . . .

S:\Physical Education\A Level\Coursework folders\AS PE

. . . . and copy and paste the folder titled 'example' onto your USB/Laptop. This will be you starting point, and a place where all your work should be stored. (Remember to ALWAYS back up your work!!!!!). You are then required to put all your work in the corresponding sub-folders.

Task 2.1 Personal Performance
Task 2.2 Local Study
Task 2.3 National Study
Task 2.4 Analysis of Performance

The following addresses will give you all the relevant check lists, templates etc you need to complete your tasks.

Coursework Check lists (inlcuding Task 2.1, Task 2.2 and Task 2.3)
S:\Physical Education\A Level\coursework help sheets\AS PE\Checklists

Coursework Templates (including performance records for both performer and official, leadership session plans, risk assessent and leadership evaluation)
S:\Physical Education\A Level\coursework help sheets\AS PE\Templates

I have also put Nicole's e-portfolio on shared so you have an idea of what should go where.

S:\Physical Education\A Level\coursework help sheets\AS PE\Exemplar Material\91515_8856_HA_N

Please ensure you are continually updating your folders and completing all necessary task and gathering as much evidence as possible.

You are also required to fill in the Child Protection Online Certification. Here's what you need to do!

1. Click on the 'Play by the Rules' link on the top right of the blog
2. Regster as a new User (you'll fill in a few details and a link will be sent to your email address - click on this link!)
3. Select Online Training
4. Click on 'Child Protection - coaches and officials
5. Read through the course resources then take the certification quiz (you have to get over 75% to pass)
Then save the certificate that is sent to you!!!

Any probelms, come see me or email me!!

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